Mesa, AZ, Questions to Ask in Hiring a DJ for your Wedding



Wondering how to make your wedding successful and memorable? Hire a great  wedding DJ! But what makes a great DJ? What questions should be asked before hiring one?


Below are some important questions to ask to make sure you are hiring the right one:



: What kind of music does the DJ play? How much input will he or she accept from the bride and groom or guests request? Will there be certain “standards” that are played at every wedding? Ask questions about popular tracks and what will make people dance at modern weddings. Make sure that these questions are answered at the comfort of the bride and groom.



: How much experience does this wedding DJ have at similar occasion? This will affect the music selection and how well the DJ is able to blend with the crowd. Remember that wedding DJ who handles corporate events may be more professional and surely have a better equipment.



Make sure that all pricing details are agreed upon in advance, including additional charges for equipment, overtime and any other eventualities. Ensure that these agreements are included in the contract.



Have a written contract which covers everything for the event. It is necessary to have a written agreement and make sure that the DJ knows that contract is important – it really is! Every detail of pricing, additional or “hidden” fees, set up and more should be in it to avoid problems or disappointment later.



This is an important aspect that you should ask from a wedding DJ. Don’t feel uncomfortable asking about it. The best way to feel a disc jockey’s scope of experience is to watch them in action. Some professional wedding DJs will provide videos of past receptions while others may invite you to weddings they will be playing before the time of your event.



The Wedding DJ:

Who is in charge in spinning the discs? Many larger DJ services will substitute an employee at certain functions instead of the owner or the DJ who negotiated with the client. Ensure that the contract specifies which DJ will spin the discs.


These are some necessary questions to ask when hiring a great DJ. Try Mesa Wedding DJ, Mesa AZ. They will surely help you make your wedding great and memorable!